crash d'un avion air france à toronto, canada!!!!!!!!!!
Un airbus a-340 avec 200 personnes a bord a derape lors de l'atterissage et a pris feu !

TORONTO (CP) - A passenger jet burst into flames after skidding off the runway at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

The type of plane and number of passengers was not immediately available. Smoke billowed from a wooded area near Highway 401, Canada's busiest highway.

Peel police say the craft was an Air France passenger jet that was attempting to land when it ran into trouble.

Sgt. Glyn Griffiths said passengers saw flames from the window but couldn't say whether they had been removed from the plane.

Emergency crews were enroute to the scene.
how much are dead ?

i hate aeroplane booooooooooo
Every passenger and all the crew survived! Thank God. Miracles do happen from time to time.
i m very scared of airplane too sad smiley
confused smiley

dont make me panic for my incoming travel guys

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